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Help Keep Smoking and Vaping Out of Public Places

The Colorado legislature passed House Bill 1230 in 2019 allowing local communities to decide if they want to allow any type of business, including bars, restaurants, yoga studios, cafes, etc. to provide licenses where people could consume, smoke, or vape marijuana as long as the activity is not visible from outside.

Smoking sections never worked.  No ventilation system can remove all the toxic chemicals emitted in secondhand smoke.  Marijuana smoke and vapors emit some of the same cancer-causing compounds that cause disease and death from secondhand tobacco smoke.

Allowing marijuana smoking or vaping in public places undermines our laws that keep smoking out of our public places and workplaces. You have the right to breathe smoke-free air and avoid the harmful chemical emissions created when people smoke or vape tobacco or marijuana. Some communities have decided to allow these establishments and many have not.

Join us in opposing local laws that would allow tobacco or marijuana smoking or vaping in or near indoor public places and workplaces. Contact us for more information, get on our e-mail list, and support us with a tax-deductible donation to GASP of Colorado to help us keep our indoor environments smoke-free.

Coloradans understand that exposure to secondhand smoke is bad for their health through the important protections in place to keep their indoor air clean through the Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act.

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Coloradans understand that allowing marijuana smoking or vaping in restaurants, bars, coffee shops and other businesses is the wrong direction for our state. They know that smoke-free air is good for the health of their families, their communities and our state’s economy.

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(Polling represents a 300-person sample of Colorado voters.)